Sancta Maria has partnered with Univariety – a Singapore based organization that mentors students and ensures that they have multiple higher study options (both domestic and international) to choose from. Univariety provides a support system to the school counselor to manage all the senior students in a systematic manner. Additionally, our students and their parents will have the option of interacting with the team of experts at Univariety through an online system linked to our school’s website.


Mindspark is a computer based self-learning programme that helps the child improve his/her skills in Maths. Through an intelligent program logic, it allows each student to follow a learning path that is based on the student’s need – at a pace he/she is comfortable with. The interactive interface ensures that the student is not learning passively by listening to someone, or viewing ready-made solutions, but learning by answering questions of progressively increasing complexity levels.


Sancta Maria International School associated with KOOH Sports Pvt. Ltd. one of India’s leading Sports management companies. The company delivers professional sports training and coaching programmes of international standards to several schools, making sports a viable career option in India. The company comes on board as the Sports Advisor and Coaching & Training Partner.


Jodo Gyan is an organisation working to find workable solutions to the problems in classroom practices.

Since 1998 Jodo Gyan has worked closely with students, teachers, teacher-educators and parents, particularly in mathematics and science education, to introduce innovative methods through which children will understand and enjoy what they are being taught.

Conducting workshops, mainly in-service as well as for trainee teachers, designing, producing, procuring and distributing low-cost teaching and learning materials (TLMs) for promoting activity-based education, have all been a part of this endeavour. 


Provides a unique learning experience & is conducted in the outdoors where children get an opportunity to be with nature and engage in adventure activities.