At Sancta Maria, Middle School and Senior School children participate in student exchange programmes. Our exchange programmes are mainly of two types:

  • School to School Partnerships in which students will conduct class projects in collaboration with another class of their partner school in another country. They will exchange notes, their findings, their ideas on video conferencing and email. Students may, at a later stage, even travel down to their partner schools to present their projects.
  • Student Exchange Programmes which will allow students to travel to schools in other parts of the world. Exchange Students will spend time studying in their partner schools and live with their foreign friends. This will give them opportunities to learn other languages and understand cultures that are alien to them. Students will also get opportunities to host their exchange buddies from abroad which will give them a chance to be ambassadors of their own country and culture.

To enable these exchanges and many more, Sancta Maria has started reaching out to many global organizations for collaboration.