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Thank you for your interest in working at Sancta Maria International School. St. Mary’s Educational Society that operates Sancta Maria enjoys an excellent reputation for being a great place to work at. We offer a competitive salary package, excellent professional development opportunities and the chance to work with high calibre professionals from around the world. To apply, please send your CV to or

Current Openings

Teacher – Spanish (Primary School)

The job description for the position is mentioned below:

  • To understand and implement the Scheme of Learning for the respective subject
  • Ensure students learning
  • To plan lessons for respective subject/class on a weekly/fortnightly basis
  • Document all lesson plans, worksheets and any other resources (links/sites) used for teaching/learning
  • To share previous and current lesson plans with the peers for broader version
  • Conduct diagnostic assessments on a regular basis as per the school calendar
  • Actively and constructively participate in the planning sessions of the respective department.
  • To give constructive and timely feedback to students
  • Regular correction of notebooks (any given assignment to the students must be checked by the teacher within two days)
  • Put up relevant displays of their subjects in classroom soft boards
  • To fill up the Daily Log Register at the end of the lesson/ period
  • To ensure differential learning in classrooms
  • To observe lessons of peer teachers and the Divisional Head so as to implement modification and improvement where required
  • Aid in the selection of text-books and Library books apt for the various classes
  • To plan and organise activities to enhance student learning (Science Fair, Math Fair,  Literary Fest, Annual Day, Trips and Excursions, Guest Lectures, etc)
  • To encourage active participation of the students in various departmental events successfully
  • To bring to the notice of the Divisional Head any issues that are difficult to handle at the class level
  • To update the Divisional Head about the academic progress of each student and any parent-related issues
  • To play a full part in the life of the school community and to support its distinctive vision, mission, ethos and policies.
  • To continue personal  and professional development.
  • To undertake any other duties assigned by the Principal.
Key skills 


  • Behaviour management skills.
  • Passion for teaching.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Willingness to take on added responsibilities.
  • Ability to engage students a cross ability ranges
  • The teacher should have a vast knowledge of the subject
  • The teacher should be able to make a lesson plan and execute the same.
  • The teacher must be a competent English speaker with good classroom management skills.
  • Possess basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows XP/2000 and Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.


  • Candidates with post-graduation in respective subjects preferred
  • Min 2-3 Years of teaching experience in Cambridge/IB schools.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Should have in-depth knowledge of the subject.
  • Ability to create an effective teaching method for children.