Recently, an enlightening speech was delivered to the students of grades 7 to 12 by Dr. Rajat Chauhan, accompanied by Mr. Ankush. Dr. Rajat is an ultra-marathon runner and a specialist in Sports-Exercise Medicine and Musculo-Skeletal Mesotherapy. He is the founder of La Ultra – The High, an intense marathon, taking place in Leh Ladakh. This marathon covers a distance of two hundred and twenty two kilometres. Dr. Rajat is also the associate editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine. He strongly believes that educating the public with the knowledge of pain is extremely significant in daily lives.

Within the presentation, the importance of proper posture was elucidated to the young ones. It was explained to them how the continuous use of technology of this generation has led to an indecorous posture of the body, which can ultimately lead to everlasting pain in the back and neck. To solve this problem, Dr. Rajat shared various exercises to minimize and resolve the discomfort, demonstrating and encouraging the students to follow along. Dr. Rajat also shared his experience in the marathon, the struggles he faced, and the success he gained. He explained that hard work and determination are required to complete this marathon.

Towards the end of the illuminating lecture, the students were asked if they were interested in participating in the marathon, and the replies were quite enthusiastic. Dr. Rajat emphasized the importance of regular exercise in order to prepare for this race, and shared some essential tips for success in this endeavour.


 Sana Shaik, Sub-Editor