Sancta Maria’s Early Years Programme is committed to ensure that our students embark on a unique educational journey in a setting that provides motivating and inspiring experiences. Our ethos, In Omnia Excellentia, is achieved through an exclusive and well-defined curriculum and a strong emphasis on learning beyond the classroom. The faculty, teaching pedagogy and facilities, kindle a love for learning, a respect for cultural diversity and a strong sense of social responsibility amongst the students. We offer them a balanced combination of play-based activities and formal learning methods.

The Early Years Programme at Sancta Maria consists of Nursery, Early Years 1 and Early Years 2.


The Early Years curriculum curriculum at Sancta Maria has been designed in alignment with the Cambridge Curriculum. There are four developmental objectives in our curriculum framework for early childhood development:

  • Personal/Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Social Development

Key Learning Areas

Personal/Emotional Development

·         Making Eye-Contact

·         Managing Behaviour and Feelings

·         Managing Relationships

·         Making Choices on Their Own

Physical Development

·         Engaging and Practicing Self-Help Skills

·         Demonstrating Co-ordination

·         Exploring Movement

·         Using Writing/Drawing Tools with Control

Social Development

·         Considering Feelings of Others

·         Connecting Actions to Consequences

·         Displaying Good Manners

·         Sharing and Cooperating with Others

Communication and Language

·         Listening and Paying Attention

·         Understanding Simple Instructions

·         Speaking



Sancta Maria’s Nursery School provides a welcoming and encouraging environment for entry level school children. From their first visit to the class, we endeavour to make their initial school experience happy, thrilling and exciting. We have a meticulous system in place to receive and support children to settle into an entirely new learning environment. Students are exposed to creative and ingenious learning experiences to help them feel treasured, esteemed, confident and independent.

Learning Through Play and Activities

At Nursery School, we focus on teaching phonics, letter and numerical skills through games, singing, music and rhymes so that students have the best head-start for school. In order to ensure that their learning is made relevant and reminiscent, we have special events, outdoor field trips and properly structured classroom activities, which often act as a strong catalyst for learning.

Our well-trained faculty offers meticulously-planned, age-specific activities throughout the day in order to provide for imaginative play and learning. We also teach students soft skills and social skills. Our teaching approach is a reflection of our belief that confident and happy children learn most effectively.


At Early Years 1, the focus is on the need to encourage students to be creative and independent and develop a spirit of exploration as they continue their journey of learning. Our Early Years classrooms provide a contemporary setting where the students can explore the world around them by interacting with materials in the environment.

Students are gradually and steadily introduced to the wider world around them to ensure that they have a seamless transition to becoming more independent. We follow a nurturing and child-centric approach that encompasses each child’s social, emotional, physical and cultural awareness.

As students move from Nursery to Early Years 1, they are taught the core skills of reading and writing and number skills, through well-structured programmes that keep in mind the developmental objectives laid down in our curriculum framework.


At Early Years 2, we provide a broad and stimulating curriculum, based around specific topics and themes. We continue the thematic teaching approach adopted at the beginning of Early Years 1 and encourage our students to become progressively more self-reliant and independent.

Our curriculum has been designed as per the Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP), which ensures that students are given quality learning experiences across all subject areas including English, Math, Science, Music, and Art, besides age-appropriate sports activities, thereby enabling and encouraging students to gradually broaden their learning and interests.

Sancta Maria Early Years Programme facilitates a holistic approach towards learning, providing students a range of learning and exploration experiences, in and beyond the classroom. These experiences promote and support the child’s personal, creative, academic and physical development in a way that strikes a perfect balance between academics and activities.