Cooking is pretty much like painting – there are only some ingredients, just like there are only
some colors. It is the way in which one combines them that makes all the difference.

This activity season has begun with a bang and each activity session unfolds a new mystery.
‘Cooking without Fire’ is one such mystery that unfolded yesterday with its very first session.
The activity has seen enthusiastic participation from myriad quarters.

The Master Chef for the day – Ms. Shraddha

Ms. Shraddha Misra is a teacher by profession. Her passion for children also extends into
cooking delicious, lip-smacking dishes for them. Cooking for her is a hobby and part of “me-
time”, as she calls it, where she cherishes the moment with the ingredients around her, to
create some delectable recipes. She believes in the therapeutic charm of cooking and calls it a
‘stress buster’. Through ‘Cooking without Fire’, she has used her passion and creativity to come
up with yet another mouth-watering healthy snack recipe.