One of the most eager and inquisitive humans on earth happen to be toddlers or should we say, preschoolers! They seem ever so ready to dive deep into almost everything they come across, in their attempt to navigate the complicated world around them.

In the entire process of evolving from preschool to pre-primary stage, there is every possibility that a new environment can cause anxiety for both the toddlers as well as their parents. It is therefore vital to make those initial days as creative and fun-loving as possible in order to help promote an easy transition.

At Sancta Maria, we recognize that the early years must reflect a time of innovation, discovery and sensory exploration. After 2 weeks of starting formal schooling, our young Sancta Marians have been coping well and are beginning to feel safe and secure with their respective teachers and their new-found friends. Given the immense enormity of their endeavor in adjusting well to unfamiliar settings, we must say, they are doing a splendid job!

Surrounded by walls plastered with lots of play paraphernalia and children’s art, our kindergarteners at Sancta Maria have been engaged in the joy of learning through creative play and activities. Being a Cambridge School, we ensure that our children follow a definite path of engagement in terms of acquiring age-appropriate knowledge towards development of social, physical, emotional and academic skills while concurrently inculcating a positive attitude toward learning.

Here are some glimpses of initial days of pre-primary at Sancta Maria International School, wherein our pre-primary toddlers have been learning concepts through a host of activities and fun –