Primary School

Primary School at Sancta Maria International School is an active and an academically thriving section, catering close to 500 students. At the primary school level, we are committed to grooming each child to be a leader, an independent thinker and a team player. We place great emphasis on developing the breadth and balance of academics where our students thrive on outside-the-classroom challenges such as sport, music, arts and a set of other outdoor pursuits.

Learner Attributes

We aim to inculcate the following learner attributes in line with the five learner’s attributes prescribed by the Cambridge Assessment of International Education.

Academic Curriculum

In comparison with other curricula, the Cambridge Primary Curriculum is relatively more expansive and broad in terms of its approach, with a strong emphasis on the overall development of the child, rather than focusing solely on knowledge-gathering sessions and examinations. Our sole aim is to develop an extensive knowledge base and stimulate children’s critical thinking skills.

Learning Attributes

Objective:Students are confident about working with data, information and ideas (their own and those of others).
Cambridge students are:

• Confident, assured about their knowledge, unwilling to take things for granted and always ready to take intellectual risks
• Keen to explore and evaluate ideas and arguments in a structured, logical and analytical way
• Able to confidently communicate and defend viewpoints and opinions, and respect and listen to those of others
Objective:Students are responsible for themselves, and respectful and considerate to others.
Cambridge students can:

• Take ownership of their learning, set goals and targets, and insist on intellectual integrity
• Collaborate and support
• Comprehend that their actions have consequences and impact both others and the environment
• Appreciate the significance of culture, context and community
Objective:Students are reflective as learners and keep developing their ability to learn.
Cambridge students understand that:

• They themselves are learners
• They are responsible for the processes as well as the outcome of their learning
• They need to develop a sense of awareness and identify strategies to be lifelong learners
Objective: Students are Innovative and prepared for new and future challenges.
Cambridge students’:

• Embrace new challenges and meet them
• Are resourceful, creative and imaginative
• Can apply their knowledge and understanding to solve new and unfamiliar problems
• Are flexible and can adapt to a new situations and new ways of thinking
Objective: Students are intellectually and socially engaged and ready to make a difference.
Cambridge students are:

• Curious and possess a spirit of enquiry
• Keen to new learn new skills and open to new ideas
• Able to work alone and also within a team
• Prepared for participating constructively in society and the economy, nationally as well as globally

Choice of Subjects

We follow the Cambridge Primary Curriculum, wherein the core subjects include English, Math and Science, besides other subjects like Second Language (Hindi/Spanish/French), Third Language (optional), Social Studies (History, Geography), ICT, Art, Music, Dance and Physical Education.

Apart from conducting written examinations, assessments are designed to evaluate the problem-solving and oral skills of the students. The following key objectives are the focus of the curriculum at Primary School:

  • Inculcating high standards of language and literacy by equipping students with a strong command of the spoken and written word.
  • Developing their love for literature through reading activities across a range of literary genres.
  • Developing higher cognitive skills, especially the ability to think logically and follow the rules of logical inference.

Cambridge Primary Assessment

The Cambridge Curriculum at Primary School consists of four stages (Stages 1—4) where continuous assessments play a key role in terms of feedback, reflection on the knowledge gained, and revisiting the concepts using different approaches. At the end of each stage, progression tests are conducted in a structured way to assess learners’ performance and report their progress to parents. Cambridge Primary Assessments use internationally benchmarked tests, giving parents extra trust in the feedback they receive. The tests come with clear guidance, standards and marking schemes and provide structured and detailed feedback about the performance of each learner.

Co-Curricular Activities

A strong foothold of creativity and imagination complements the curriculum. At Primary School, we provide numerous co-curricular activities to our students to enhance their knowledge, understanding and skills. These include activities to develop Lexismart skill sets, physical development through sports, and expressive activities such as dance and music.