Sancta Marians Say…

Laavanya Parambath | Grade 5

I have been studying in Sancta Maria for 6 years. I find the curriculum in the school good and is not too hard on the children. My class is nice and my classmates love and accept everyone.

My teachers are helpful and understanding. They are loving and we have a fun classroom environment.

I have always loved to draw and let my creative juices flow. The school has helped me a lot in defining that talent. We not only have normal art lessons but sculpture classes as well. I thank my school for bringing out the artist in me.

Tvarita Tomar | Grade 5

I have been studying in Sancta Maria for 8 years, kindergarten to grade 5 now. The curriculum is wonderful and is the right mix of easy and hard. But the hard parts always help us to develop our intelligence.

My fellow classmates are very motivating, kind and inspiring. They never let anyone down and they keep you smiling always. We work together and never insult anyone.  The teachers are kind, encouraging and motivate us with positive feedback in our notebooks. They are patient and explain everything clearly and at the end of the year, we have an ocean of knowledge.

The learning environment is awesome. We visit the labs often and we watch videos and do a lot of activities too. The library is another amazing place to go.

My teachers and friends always encourage me to go forward. I am confident playing basketball and in studies because my kind teachers keep telling me to practice to become excellent.

Arnav Lahoti | Grade 5


My school is superb. My friends are wonderful and supportive while my teachers are great because they encourage, motivate and make us happy and teach us to be respectful and kind. I love my learning environment as we have all the equipment to educate ourselves.

My school has helped me develop my leadership skills by encouraging me to face challenges.

Dhruthi Tharini | Grade 5

At Sancta Maria, the learning here is fun and informative. The fellow classmates are very kind and welcoming. My teachers are very understanding and make teaching all the more fun. We love learning new things every day.

My school has helped me learn that everyone is a born leader and if you realise your potential, you do not need a badge to prove that.