Mr. B. Arogya Reddy

President & Chairman, Saint Mary’s Educational Society

Arogya Reddy is a passionate educationist with over 40 years of educational experience, including building and nurturing educational institutions. A discerning individual who knew the intrinsic difference between mere education and quality education, Arogya Reddy founded Saint Mary’s Educational Society in 1982, beginning with St. Mary’s Junior College, currently based at Basheer Bagh.

Arogya Reddy is the recipient of several awards for excellence as an educationist such as The Best Teacher Award, Best Principal – Junior College Award and the Award for Outstanding Services, among others. A post-graduate in English from Osmania University, he has played several roles in the field of education – as a school teacher, as a lecturer and as a principal, before venturing to be an entrepreneur in the field by laying the foundation of Saint Mary’s Educational Society and the institutions under its auspices.

Mr. B. Mahender Reddy

Chief Executive Officer, Saint Mary’s Educational Society

​Mahender Reddy spearheads the Saint Mary’s Educational Society as its CEO, providing leadership and a progressive vision. A graduate in Mechanical Engineering and a post-graduate in Business Administration, Mahender Reddy has followed the footsteps of his father, B. Arogya Reddy, to make education his life’s calling. Mahender Reddy has worked relentlessly to help St. Mary’s College make its mark in the educational sector of the state of Telangana. Under his leadership, St. Mary’s College has become one of the most sought after elite colleges in Hyderabad and has produced outstanding alumni in the fields of education, sports, cinema, business and politics.  True to his belief in prioritizing academic excellence, he spends quality time nurturing students so that they are well-rounded and prepared to take on life and their respective careers after completing their education in all institutions under the auspices of Saint Mary’s Educational Society.

Mahender Reddy strongly believes that education only achieves its goal if, by the end of their academic journey, students are able to identify their life’s true calling and pursue it successfully. Mahender Reddy is a part of several think tank initiatives in the field of education. He was a member of the Advisory Committee on Skill Development under the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India. He also was a part of the MLP-FICCI ARISE team that seeks to provide input to the legislators, governmental authorities and educational boards to enable them design policies with regard to safety in schools.