Our Vision – “To be a globally renowned institution of enduring greatness nurturing responsible leaders”

At Sancta Maria International School, we celebrate each child’s uniqueness and stand proud to follow our only guiding principle: to create an environment where the mind is without fear.

In order to meet the educational, emotional and social requirements of all students, a progressive education is imperative. At Sancta Maria, we pride and portray ourselves to be not just a school but also a community. Apart from meeting and fulfilling students’ requirements, we foster all round development and excellence of students to ensure that they grow up into balanced and responsible adults.

From welcoming creativity to self-development, to nurturing new talents and new friendships, we offer our students an incredible environment of joy and love wherein they get to develop their individual character and prosper academically whilst discovering their passions.

Our school offers exclusive Cambridge Curriculum and no other integrated curricula, from Primary to AS & A levels, fostering all round development for excellence in life. At Sancta Maria, each student is cherished as an individual and is provided with the skill set, knowledge and mental resilience in order to succeed in whichever path they select.  Our ultimate aim is to develop and encourage our students to reach their full potential to become winners in their respective fields.

Sancta Maria International School acts as connecting bridge between imparting the best education to its students and assuring parents of academic excellence. Keeping student empowerment as our primary focus, we offer a well balanced proportion of academics and co-curricular activities.

Our teaching approach involves motivating students to get inquisitive about their subject areas so as to gain an understanding of the way in which various subjects work, thereby building a clearer understanding of the world around them. Our teaching staff works holistically to offer extensive cross-curricular learning on the basis of ‘hands-on’ experience, enhancing the educational journey of our students, with a strong academic focus.