A new beginning involves change and as students of Sancta Maria we bring the change and diversity to our school. That is what makes our school unique and triumphant.

My first wish would definitely be the encouragement and participation in community service. As our nation’s future leaders, we must acknowledge our country’s advantages and disadvantages. It is important that we must feel empathy at this very tender age. This empathy must ignite a burning desire to want to help our society. I believe that the moral ‘sharing is caring’ that we learn at a young age from our parents should stand by us throughout the years we live. That phrase itself emphasises that no matter what we have, to share is to care and it is the simplicity of that phrase that makes us empathize at such a young age. It is important to feel that empathy because our humanity is what makes us soar in life.

We may be so much more fortunate than others and that is a privilege we are blessed with yet they are many without the basic necessities that should be a human right for every individual. As the privileged, we must look towards the betterment of others’ lives and the only way to do this is by practicing the verb ‘to give’.

My second wish would simply be to see my fellow students including myself not live in fear but to gain the courage to overcome those fears and be able to perform, to be able to stand for what we believe in and most of all to be true to themselves and embrace their finesse in everything they do.

The only way to do this is to step out of our comfort zone and embrace the space you feel the most vulnerable in. We all have hidden talents within us and we have yet to encounter those talents and only when we have a platform to take a step forward then that is what makes us overcome those fears. It may surprise us that the things that make us extremely nervous would one day be a thing that we master flawlessly.

It is important to not feel judged in what we do and as a student, I think one of the major things that stops everyone from doing what they believe in is the fear of judgment. Yes, the fear of judgement may always stick around but it should not be the sole cause of not following our dreams because we can’t let the fear of something take charge of our life in fact we should be taking charge of that fear because we are the boss nevertheless.

These are the two wishes I wish for our new academic year. It is not hard to achieve and as a school I hope we can come together and achieve it this year.                                                                                                             –   Tanishka Pasumarthi, Grade 12


A new academic year brings excitement and a new set of goals.

In this year, I look forward to new challenges and work on my shortcomings. I feel that Sancta Maria is a wonderful place to develop myself as I work towards personal growth. This year, I would love to work with my classmates as we learn new things together and develop our understanding of the world around us. I wish that we, as 11th graders, stand as an example of academic and all rounded success, as well as develop evergreen bonds with each other.

Furthermost, I wish to make this year a memorable one, achieving and excelling in all the goals they set for themselves, that will gratify our teachers and school while making us look back with utmost fondness.

As once said by a great man “A body once set in motion will continue to be in motion” so, let us continue to be in motion towards excellence.                                                                                                                           –    Tripura Meenakshi Vithala, Grade 11