Sancta Maria is not just a school but a community. There are many reasons why Sancta Maria should be the preferred school for your child.

An International Curriculum:
Sancta Maria is based on the Cambridge Curriculum which foster all round development for excellence in life and based upon deep educational insights into learning needs of children.

Activity-Based Learning:
At Sancta Maria we train students through lots of project activities so that they grasp concepts by applying them.

Flexible Curriculum Choices:
Sancta Maria’s Cambridge system ensures that you child can make choices according to his or her aptitude.

Highly Qualified Faculty:
At Sancta Maria we recruit the best teachers and train them for providing the right academic leadership. Sancta Maria’s philosophy of leadership at all levels ensures that every teacher is also a leader and students become leaders too.

High Teacher-Student Ratio:
Sancta Maria has a class size of 25 students per class. The faculty to student ratio is 1:10. This ensures that your child gets focused teacher attention for development.

Remedial Education:
Sancta Maria doesn’t follow the fixed grade system and this allows students to take remedial education in areas they are weak and move to learn advanced grade in subjects they are strong at.

Cambridge Assessments with Feedback:
Students taking the Cambridge  curriculum are assessed by Cambridge for their assignments and tests. This assessment comes with detailed feedback on improvement areas and recommended learning path.

Global Citizenship:
At Sancta Maria we ensure that your children will be ready to take on as global citizens. Its international curriculum gives your children a great head start in knowledge. Its activity based approach ensures that they get a head start in skills.